This is what the Detroit Metro Skating Council is all about

Don’t let our name fool you!

The Detroit Metro Skating Council is an Interclub Council for Figure Skating Clubs within the State of Michigan. All USFS member clubs within the State are eligible to apply. By joining, you will be able to leverage assistance and guidance from other member clubs within the State of Michigan and help set and accomplish goals within the Detroit Metro Skating Council’s charter. We meet monthly, typically the first Monday of the month, at 7:30 p.m. on the second floor at the Detroit Skating Club.

If you meet the criteria above …… You need to belong!


What does the Detroit Metro Skating Council do?

A goal of DMSC is to foster amateur competition in figure skating. Under our charter, Detroit Metro Skating Council:

  • financially supports the development of the Michigan High School Team Skating Competitions and still continues to do so.
  • owns 2 (two) IJS mini systems to be used for judging IJS competitions. This system is available for rental with preference and lower rates for DMSC member clubs. ( IJS – International Judging System)

Detroit Metro Skating Council promotes education in the art and sport of Figure Skating by:

  • sponsoring schools for officials, accountants, and technical specialists in which member clubs are rebated registration costs.

Detroit Metro Skating Council hosts events to enhance member and non member clubs in many aspects of the Figure Skating sport. Below are a few to be mentioned:

  • In September 2016, hosted Club Education Plus Seminar which included workshops designed for skaters, coaches, parents and Club Board Members.

The profits from hosting major competitions is used to support education efforts by the Council and is shared with member clubs through educational grants.