DMSC Suggested Vendors

The following are suggested vendors for skating support services. DMSC does not receive any compensation from these vendors. These vendors are ‘suggested” for use based on the service and relationship they have had with DMSC and the skating community.

Videographer for IJS

If your organization is going to rent the Detroit Metro Skating Council IJS Mini System, it is important that you have a competent videographer that understands the proper way to video skaters or skating teams for IJS video replay. Lendin Photo Video has been a service that has worked with DMSC and the IJS Mini System since inception.

Click here to See Ledin Website and to Contact Tim Hagerman

Competition Setup Support

For services relating to competition setup as far as skater registration and coordination of competition data with your chief accountant, consider SK8Suff services by Don Korte. Don is a USFSA accountant and judge. He is well versed in all of the needs of getting the competition “back end” together. His SK8Stuff Figure Skaters website helps to automate a good part of the registration process and keeps the skaters and officials informed about your competition.

Click here to see Figure Skater’s Website and to Contact Don Korte